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Polar Club | Heart rate tracking app for group fitness

Polar Club

Heart rate tracking app for group fitness

Engage and motivate your members with Polar Club's real-time effort tracking, based on scientifically validated and accurate Polar heart rate technology.

If you're looking for trusted wearable technology designed for gyms, studios, and fitness and health clubs, the Polar Club group fitness heart rate monitoring system is the perfect solution to drive results and retention.

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4.7 out of 5

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Eliminate the guesswork and optimize effort

Train with live heart rate and create a group fitness experience that will help your members get results and keep them coming back for more.

The window to your members’ effort in real-time

With Polar Club, you can track and display your class's effort in real time and coach them to reach their goals with performance data, such as heart rate, color-coded heart rate zones, and calories burned.

Add an extra punch to your class

Create a fun and inspiring workout environment for your members and help them keep track of their progress.

Set targets to coach your class to the next level

With Polar Club you can create structured classes based on heart rate zones, coach with accurate live heart rate, and guide your members as a group or as individuals, so you’ll know exactly how hard each of them is working out.

Motivate and engage

Keep your class engaged and motivated with visually engaging rewards, such as zone time or calorie trophies. Your members can follow their progress, stay accountable, and reach their goals through personalized feedback and automated summary emails.


When you choose Polar for your club, your members get access to the full Polar ecosystem where everything is connected.

Versatility for every need

With heart rate sensors, fitness watches, and online coaching tools, we cater to all the needs of fitness professionals and gym members alike.

Reach your members

Your members can connect Polar data with the most popular fitness apps and 3rd party gym equipment, so you can keep them motivated and engaged beyond your club’s walls.

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What our customers say

Polar Club Group Heart Rate Monitor System

Class targets

Class targets can be set on the go to give visual guidance to the class participants on which heart rate zone they should be aiming to next.

Extensive class history

Access all your club's class data easily on your iPad. Class history offers a detailed window to all the Polar Club classes run at your club.

Phased workouts

With Phased workouts you can plan your group exercise classes in detail according to the color-coded heart rate zones.

Real-time performance data

Track and display your class's effort in real time with performance data, such as heart rate, intensity and calories burned.

Personalized feedback

Keep track of your member’s progress and help them reach their goals with the post class summary and automated summary emails.

Gamified experience

Motivate participants during the class with visually engaging rewards, such as zone time or calorie trophies.

Engage with fitness challenges

Use Campaigns to create and run inspiring fitness challenges to your member base.

Accountability and motivation

After a group exercise class or individual session your members’ workout summaries will automatically upload to Polar Flow, where all their training data is conveniently available on one platform.

Branded online community and app

Brand the Polar Club app to match your club’s style and create an engaging online community together with your club members.

Polar & Les Mills

Track Les Mills workouts with built-in Les Mills sport profiles on Polar Club.

Reach your members outside the club walls

Keep your members motivated and engaged beyond your club’s walls with Polar heart rate sensors. Your members can work out anywhere with Polar Beat or a fitness app of their choice using the same sensor that works with Polar Club.

Connect with 3rd party apps

Your members can automatically sync their training data to other popular fitness apps such as Strava, MyFitnessPal, Nike+, Google Fit, Endomondo and Apple Health.

Tech Specs

What you need to get started with Polar Club?

1. The equipment

Polar Club is a simple solution. All you need is an iPad with an Internet connection, a big-screen display, HDMI cable, and an HDMI connector or Apple TV to connect the iPad with your screen.

2. Polar Heart Rate Sensors

Hook your members up with Polar heart rate sensors and everyones' heart rate pops up on the screen.

3. Get Polar Club

Get started by creating your Polar Club account and then head to the App Store and dowload the Polar Club app. The best part? First 30 days is on us.

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*Try free for 30 days. After the free trial period is over, the license fee of Polar Club app and web service is $139 per month or $1,499 per year depending on the chosen billing cycle (monthly invoicing available in selected countries). All prices exclude taxes. Subscription will be renewed automatically.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I implement heart rate monitoring to my group exercise classes?

From an instructor’s point of view, tracking heart rate is an amazing tool for getting useful information on how your class participants are training, such as calorie burn, average heart rate and effort in real-time, so that you can coach them better.

Heart rate tracking removes the guesswork and gives an extra boost to your fitness classes. When you coach your class with heart rate, you’ll know how hard they are working out and can easily regulate the intensity level of the entire group and individuals alike.

The zones give you real-time feedback and tell you exactly where your participants are at. You as an instructor know where they should be – all you need to do is coach them in the right direction!

Heart rate tracking is a great tool for evaluating workout intensity levels and accumulated load. It helps your members see how hard their body is working during the sessions, in real-time, and it gives them data on the intensity of their session afterward. This instant gratification of effort gives your members a sense of achievement, which boosts motivation, delivers fitness results and drives retention in the long run.

How accurate are Polar heart rate monitors?

Polar heart rate monitors are trusted by elite athletes all over the world and known for their durability and accuracy.

Polar heart rate tracking technology has been widely accepted as the gold standard in product comparisons and scientific studies for its 99.6% accuracy compared to ECG.

How does Polar Club work?

Polar Club is a versatile product and you can use it for an unlimited amount of classes and instructors as well as for multiple class formats for up to 90 participants - everything from indoor cycling to functional training, bootcamps to small group sessions.

The best part about it? It is super-easy to use. All you need to do is to get a Polar Club account, an iPad, Polar Club app, and a projector or a TV screen with a compatible cable and adapter.

For your members to join the class, they need to have Polar Flow accounts and personal devices like sensors or wrist devices - or you can let them use the club's sensors. Polar Club works with all Polar sport and fitness watches and heart rate sensors.

Then you're all set to create classes, get your participants signed in, run a class and check class data from the iPad and participants' individual Polar accounts.

Polar Club tracks and displays your class's effort in real-time through performance data, such as heart rate and calories burned. The way Polar Club measures and displays workout intensity is through the use of color-coded heart rate zones.

After I have filled the form on the website, how long does it take for Polar Club to come active at my club?

If you decide to go with the starter kit we recommend ordering the heart rate sensors first and waiting for them to arrive. This will take approximately one week from the order. Once you've received the heart rate sensors, fill in the Polar Club license order form and your account will become active immediately. This also remarks the start of your free 30-day trial period.

If you opt in for the Polar Club value pack or want a tailored package you need to fill in the contact form on the Polar Club website and our sales rep will usually contact you within 1-2 working days and walk you through the next steps.

Do you offer marketing materials to club owners?

We are committed to helping you to explain the benefits of heart rate tracking and the Polar Club powered class experience to your member base as well as get the most out of the Polar Club system at your club. That's why we have created an extensive marketing and support material bank where you can download helpful assets such as images, videos and communication templates to help you promote Polar Club powered classes at your club.

Check out the available assets in the Polar Club Marketing Material Bank .

How do I as a fitness business owner benefit from Polar Club?

By implementing a group heart rate monitoring system and fitness wearables to your club you can become the digital hub of all of your member's fitness activities. The system offers you the ability to expand your reach towards your members, motivate and support them in their fitness journey and also earn extra revenue.

The biggest benefit of adopting wearable tech to your club is that you can further improve your odds to retain your members. It's a proven fact that Polar Club users workout on average 3.4 times per week at their gym. That's 80% more than the IHRSA industry average of 1.9 visits. This means that wearables really can keep your members coming back to your facility more often.

Through technology you and your staff will be able to connect with the members not only when they workout at your facility but also while doing other activities outside the club's walls. You can increase your member's fitness results when you harness your instructors' fitness expertise together with the workout data and the ability to track member's progress online. You can even build new revenue streams by creating digital coaching services and selling heart rate monitors and fitness watches bundled together with these.

A group heart rate monitoring system also boosts member engagement through the sense of achievement and camaraderie when working together towards the group goals in a class as well as through the friendly competition the individual and group rewards enable. Moreover, you can use the system to run fitness challenges at your club to motivate class goers even more. You can also promote the technology-powered classes to existing members as well as use it as a tool for new member acquisition.

Why should I choose Polar Club for my fitness facility?

When you choose Polar wearable technology for your club, your members get access to the full Polar ecosystem where everything is connected. With heart rate sensors, fitness watches, and online coaching tools we cater to all the needs of fitness professionals and gym members alike.

All our training technology is built on scientific research and validation, so you and your members get data and results they can trust. For example, the Polar heart rate tracking technology has been widely accepted as the gold standard in product comparisons and scientific studies for its 99.6% accuracy compared to ECG.

The wide selection of Polar fitness trackers to choose from and the Polar Flow online training platform help you keep your members motivated and engaged also beyond your club’s walls anywhere in the world.

Polar sports watches and fitness trackers will help your members reach their fitness goals with personalized guidance in training, everyday activity tracking, sleep, and recovery. Moreover, Polar heart rate sensors connect to a great variety of 3rd party gym equipment and leading fitness apps with 5 kHz, Bluetooth, and ANT+ to offer unrivaled versatility.

One unique benefit of the Polar ecosystem is that you and your members can track world-known Les Mills workouts with built-in Les Mills sport profiles on all Polar sports watches and fitness trackers as well as the Polar Club group heart rate monitoring system.

Also, your trainers benefit greatly from Polar technology at your club. The free Polar Flow for Coach service offers your trainers a tool to coach and connect with their clients. They can access their client's training data, give instant feedback and create training plans together.

You can get even more out of Polar data at your club through Polar's Open API that enables a direct information sharing link between the Polar ecosystem and your own data system, giving you more insights into your member's workout behavior.

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Gold's Gym East Northport

Gold’s Gym of East Northport was the first Gold’s Gym in New York, and has been a privately owned franchise since its opening in 1989. Our club has over 4,500 active members, and has over 80 classes a week including Yoga, Zumba, Spin, BodyPump, H.I.I.T. workouts, and much more.

Our H.I.I.T. workouts held in our Small Group Training Studio are specifically designed for the Polar Hear Rate Monitors. We use the screen during our workouts for members to be able to check their heart rate, as well as for the Trainer to see who needs to work harder. Moreover it is a fun and engaging visual for the members to see their calories and compete with one another.

During these group workouts members use Polar heart rate sensors and also several of our members have purchased their own Polar fitness watches to use at the classes and at the gym floor as well as for workouts outside the club's premises.

Members enjoy using the heart rate monitors because it adds an accountability element to their training, as well as makes the workouts more fun. It has been excellent for distinguishing ourselves from other gyms in the area which don’t have this type of training tool, and makes us seem in the eye of the member that we are all about results.

Nick Orlando
Gold's Gym East Northport