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Polar Smart Coaching

Personalized training guidance fueled by sports science


The guidance you get from your Polar product is based on your personal metrics.


All our training technology is built on scientific research and validation.


Making progress and achieving goals is about balancing training and recovery. Polar Smart Coaching will guide you towards this balance.

Get the most out of your training

Eliminate the guesswork and optimize your effort with heart rate training and make each minute of each session count.

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The gold standard of heart rate tracking

Through scientifically validated Polar proprietary heart rate measurement technology you can enjoy accurate heart rate tracking whatever your sport.

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Running Performance Test

Know where your running performance is now and personalize your heart rate, speed, and power zones.

Cycling Performance Test

Get your personal functional threshold power (FTP) and personalize your power zones.



Maintain your energy levels and stay hydrated during a long training session.

Running Power

Get a comprehensive view into the intensity of your running sessions.

Training Load PRO

Get detailed insights into how your training sessions strain your body.

FitSpark™ daily training guide

Get ready-made daily workouts that match your recovery and readiness.

Running Index

Find out your running VO2max and see how efficient your running training is.

Fitness Test

Know your VO2max with a simple 5-minute fitness level assessment.

Running Program

Train with a personal and adaptive training plan tailored to you and your goals.

Training Benefit

Get motivating post workout feedback that describes the effect of your session.

Smart Calories

Know how many calories you burn daily.


See the real-time effect of your workout.

Training Load

Monitor the load of your training.


Leg Recovery test

Know when you're ready for speed and strength training.

Recovery PRO

See how your body responds to training and whether you’re ready for more.

Nightly Recharge™

Know how well you recover from the demands of your day.

Orthostatic Test

Find your baseline and avoid overtraining.

Sleep Plus Stages™

Get a full breakdown of your sleep and follow your sleep stages.

Polar Sleep Plus™

Learn about your sleep duration and quality.

Recovery Status

Know your recovery time.

Serene™ breathing exercise

Relax your body and mind and manage stress with a guided deep breathing exercise.

Stay active

Activity Benefit

Track all your active choices during the day and see how they help you to stay healthy.

Activity Guide

Know how active you are and get guidance to reach your activity goal.

Continuous Heart Rate

Get a comprehensive view on how your heart behaves during the day and when you sleep.

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