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Polar Verity Sense


Optical Heart Rate Sensor

Polar Verity Sense is an optical heart rate monitor that provides you with maximum freedom of movement and multiple options for viewing and recording your workouts. Thanks to Bluetooth®, ANT+ and internal memory, you can either connect Polar Verity Sense to a sports watch or app to see your workout in real time or record your workout in the internal memory and view your data afterwards.

Polar Verity Sense
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Any sport. Any time. Quantified.

Concentrate on your flow & see your progress

When your freedom is number one for you, Polar Verity Sense is your go-to choice.

Just slip Polar Verity Sense on your arm and you're ready to go with your flow. And you'll still get all your data – when it best suits you.

Connect & follow your workout in real time

When you connect your Polar Verity Sense to your phone or watch for your workout, you'll know moment by moment where you are with your session and you can adjust intensity when necessary.

Record your workouts with internal memory

The internal memory on Polar Verity Sense saves your workout when you want to be free as a bird and just listen to what your body is telling you.

Use solo or with phone

…or with your sports watch, gym equipment, indoor cycling apps, at your fitness club. With two simultaneous Bluetooth connections and ANT+ broadcast the number of available use options really is staggering.

ANT+ Bluetooth

Get all your data in the pool

Polar Verity Sense tracks your heart rate, pace, and distance in the pool with swimming mode. It sits comfortably against your temple in the innovative swimming goggle strap clip that's designed to suit the majority of available swimming goggles.


Track your heart rate super conveniently from your lower and upper arm and from your temple when you're swimming – but that's not all. You should know that you’re not limited to these options.

Simply and ingeniously, you can detach the sensor from its armband and holder and wear it anywhere under tight-fitting clothing. Just make sure the optical heart-rate sensor sits nice and tight against your skin. So, whatever your sport, Polar Verity Sense adapts 100%.

Polar Verity Sense takes a leap to the next level

Better battery life

+00 hours

Polar Verity Sense up to 30 hours
Polar OH1 up to 12 hours

Wider broadcast range

+00 meters

Polar Verity Sense 150 m
Polar OH1 75 m

Larger memory

+00 Mb

Polar Verity Sense 16 MB
Polar OH1 4 MB

Witness Your Data Come Alive

Discover Polar Flow, the ultimate training platform that breathes life into all your data. With extensive training analysis tools, an automatic training diary, progress reports, and much more, Polar Flow will help you achieve all your training goals.

Sync Your Data to Other Services

With Polar Flow, you can automatically sync all your training data to other apps as well, such as Strava or TrainingPeaks.


Features and technical specifications


Feature highlights

Optical heart rate tracking

Polar Verity Sense tracks your heart rate with Polar’s high-quality 6-LED optical heart rate solution.

Multiple connectivity options

You can use Polar Verity Sense to broadcast your live heart rate to many fitness apps, any Bluetooth-compatible sports or smart watch, ANT+ compatible cycling computers, & Bluetooth and ANT+ compatible gym equipment.

Built-in memory

Polar Verity Sense has a built-in memory that can store up to 600 hours of training data. You can sync your data to Polar Flow for analysis.

Comfortable textile armband

The Polar Verity Sense armband fits snugly, comfortably, and discreetly around your arm. Engineered for supreme wearability, it’s made of a soft textile material that is machine-washable for everyday use. The sensor holder is detachable.

Swimming goggle strap clip

Thread the clip to the strap of your swimming goggles and experience ultimate comfort of heart rate tracking. Polar Verity Sense stays snug against your temple.

Broadcast range

When you keep Polar Verity Sense in its holder the broadcast range is up to 150 m. Without the holder broadcast range is up to 40 m.

Heart rate sensor mode

Send your heart rate to any Bluetooth and ANT+ compatible app, watch, or gym equipment and follow your heart rate in real time.

Recording mode

Record your workout in internal memory and sync workout data to Polar Flow app afterwards. You’ll get your heart rate, workout duration, heart rate zone visualization, Training Benefit, and burned calories.

Swimming mode

Place Polar Verity Sense in the swimming goggle strap clip against your temple and record your pool swimming session. You’ll get your heart rate, pace, and distance.

Other features

Updatable firmware

Polar Verity Sense keeps on improving with over-the-air updates.

Ride Further, Longer

With Polar Verity Sense you get up to 30 hours of training time on a single charge. You can charge the battery easily with the Polar Verity Sense USB adapter (included).

Water resistance

Polar Verity Sense is water resistant up to 50 m.

Polar Flow Tech specs In the box

Meet All Polar Heart Rate Sensors

Polar H10

Heart rate sensor

When it comes to accuracy and connectivity, Polar H10 heart rate sensor is the go-to choice. Monitor your heart rate with maximum precision and connect your heart rate to your training equipment.

Polar H9

Heart rate sensor

Reliable heart rate tracking for all your everyday sports with the classic chest strap. Connect with your favorite app, sports watch, gym equipment and bike computer.

Polar OH1

Optical heart rate sensor

A great alternative to chest straps, Polar OH1 provides you with multiple connection choices. It comes with an armband and a swimming goggle strap clip (in Polar OH1 + product package).

The Gold Standard of Heart Rate Tracking – Meet All Polar Heart Rate Sensors

We are known for having the most accurate heart rate sensors in the market. If Polar Verity Sense doesn’t seem to be the best match for your needs, you’ll find the one that’s perfect for you in our wider portfolio of amazing sensors that suit all sports and exercise needs.


Use live data from Polar Verity Sense for your own applications

Put your propeller hat on and start coding! We offer a software development kit for developing your very own applications using live data from Polar Verity Sense.

Apps you could build with the data that Polar Verity Sense streams include:

  • Games
  • Fitness apps
  • Sports apps


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